Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful mom and the other mother's who may be reading this.  I'm never had any children myself (well at least not human children but I did have a child of the canine nature - at least he was a child to me).  Although I am not a mom, I always thought I would be a good mom - for some reason though, the Lord chose not to bless me with children - He blesses me in other ways though - every single day !

He blessed me with a wonderful mother.  I hear and read stories about people with bad moms or moms that are not well...motherly.  People that don't talk to their moms or fight constantly with them...thank the Lord that has never been the case with my mom.  She may not have always agreed with my choices (especially when it came to some of the fellas I chose to date) but she always supported and loved me.  My sister is visiting with my mom this week.  I was recently there and will be visiting again later in the month.  I miss her though and wish I was with her today.  I'm glad she is within driving distance but wish she was within walking distance :-)

Happy Mother's Day 2012 !!!

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