Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Updating TiVo Season Pass - Deleting Shows

This morning I went through my Season Pass Manager and had to delete SEVEN shows.  Seven shows that I had been recording on a regular weekly basis at one point and now I am deleting them because they've been canceled.  I think that is a lot in just one season.

I deleted the following shows, which were put on the TV chopping block

1) Desperate Housewives - This was the #2 show in my queue because when I got my TiVo all those years ago, I put in my top 3 shows, Medium, Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.  After Medium was cancelled, Desperate Housewives moved up to the #2 spot.  Now Grey's is the cheese that stands alone in my original Season Pass queue.  Desperate Housewives had a great run and I don't know that it was cancelled in as much as they decided it was time to end and it was.  I loved the show but it was time.  I'll miss the drama on Wisteria Lane

2) Pan Am - I really liked this show, it was my 2nd favorite of the new shows (behind Revenge), I loved the wardrobe, the step back in time and really, really loved the history that was referenced in the show.  I was really disappointed that it was cancelled.

3) Ringer - I had mixed feelings about this show.  While I liked it, I didn't love it.  The show would move along kind of at a slow steady pace (sometimes too slow) but at the end there was always this HUGE cliffhanger that would make you want to watch again the next week.  If it came back next season I would have watched but  not sure if I would have stuck with it long-term, so I am okay with  the cancellation.

4) Alcatraz - kind of like Ringer.  I mainly tuned in because it was J J Abrams project and had Jorge Garcia.  But again, the show moved along kind of slow and steady and since you knew they had about 200 characters they could possibly feature (one-a-week, which was the prisoners and the guards), you couldn't help but wonder how long you'd watch before you found out what really happened that night on "The Rock".  Like Ringer, they usually left with a really good cliff hanger that made you want to keep watching.  I'm not upset that it was cancelled really, except that I feel bad for Jorge Garcia - I'd like to see him in a regular show.

5) GCB - This show was so funny !!  I was so hoping that once Desperate Housewives was off the air, this would just fill its place.  Not sure why it was cancelled. I know a lot of people that watched and thought it was hilarious too.  So many great characters, loved the stories and the over the top characters.  I was also disappointed to see it cancelled.

6) A Gifted Man - the first couple of episodes, I was kind of like, hmmm, not sure I am going to like this show - mostly because I didn't think I liked the main character, he was cynical and arrogant and if I don't like the main character as a "person", then I don't care to watch the show (which is why I didn't watch House because I thought House was a jerk the few times I saw the show).  But after 2 or 3 shows I really started liking it.  He softened up a bit and I liked the other characters.  It was a good show but not great and while I wish it would be around next season, I can't say I will miss it exactly.

7) Awake - I like the concept of this show, very different but I don't feel like I had enough time to really get to know it - It was a mid-season replacement and since it was cancelled, I didn't get to see a whole lot of episodes but I did like what I saw.  Like a Gifted Man, I wish it would stick around for another season but I won't exactly miss it either.

So to sum it up, I will miss Desperate Housewives but knew it was time for it to go.  I would have liked Ringer, Alcatraz, A Gifted Man and Awake to have more of a shot but I am not upset or all that disappointed that they won't be returning.  I really wish that Pan Am and GCB was coming back - I really liked those shows a lot.

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