Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby Cardigan

So.... I am knitting along on a baby blanket for my niece and I thought I had posted about this but apparently not, so I will have to post about that another day.  I'm 99.9% sure that my niece doesn't read my blog, in fact, I seriously doubt she is even aware of it. So I feel okay posting about here.

I am currently crocheting this really sweet pattern I found.  It is vintage and I love things like that... it is a crochet pattern from a 1950 leaflet.

I think I will make the sleeves a bit shorter.  An I am not sure I will make the bonnet, I think I would rather make a hat instead. I found the pattern at Free Vintage Crochet's website because I was searching for a baby cardigan and something about this one just appealed to me.

As you can see, they made the model out of grey and white - LOL !!  Actually I have no idea what color it is since the photo is black and white.  But it is a solid color with a light trim. 

I decided to use 5 colors though !!  I can envision in my head what I want it to look like when done, kind of watermelon colors.  I even searched high and low for a couple of cute PINK watermelon buttons and finally found some in the scrapbook section at Hobby Lobby.

I went to my favorite local knitting shop - the Needlenook, to get my yarn.  I thought they would have an abundance of baby yarn in the colors I wanted but alas, they didn't have as much baby yarn as I recalled.  I didn't exactly find the bright colors I was looking for but instead I found this beautiful soft sweet baby yarn that was imported from England.  It is from a company called Sirdar and the colors was softer and more subtle then I was originally looking for but I liked them so got one skein of each color.

You will notice the white is Plymouth Yarn, not Sirdar.  I didn't even look when I picked it up so I don't know if they didn't have the white in Sirdar or if some other shopper before me had just placed some Plymouth in the Sirdar bin.  Had I known it wasn't Sirdar, I probably would have looked for the Sirdar yarn, because I like everything to match (I'm OCD that way). 

The colors are really pretty and I hope the cardigan comes out like I see it in my head.

I finished the first color in an evening - the dark pink, while watching a Dr. Who (David Tennant) marathon.  It looks much darker in this photo then it does in real life.  It works up pretty fast.  I had quite a time since I was cat sitting the same weekend and my sister's kitty cat, thought it was quite a bit of fun to keep grabbing my skein and run off with it.

A few night's later, back at home, I worked on the next couple of colors while watching the Olympics - GO USA !! 

It doesn't look much like a cardigan until you fold it over and start seeing it come together.

I've already started on the next color so I will keep you posted.

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