Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fictional Knitters

As you know, I am a knitter and crocheter (is that how you spell it?)
When you knit and crochet, you are always spotting beautiful handiwork in movies and TV - my friends just roll their eyes when I poke them and say "Ooooh, look at that pretty afghan" or "Hmmm, I wonder if I can find the pattern for that hat on Ravelry?"

Well, besides noticing beautiful handiwork, you also notice the characters that knit or crochet. I've mention before that Barney Fife knits and crochets (he sews too)

Did you know that Hawkeye from M*A*S*H knits? Neither did I !

Of course most people remember that Morticia from the Addams Family is a knitter.

But did you know that she taught her butler, Lurch, to knit too ?

That first famous female TV duo were also knitters - look at Lucy and Ethel go !

It is always especially cool when we catch the men knitting...take Cary Grant's character for instance in "Mr. Lucky"

One of my fave episodes of Grey's Anatomy was when Izzie was trying to knit Denny a sweater and was horrible at it so Meredith took over (look at the size of the HUGE knitting needles)

I guess Grey's Anatomy forgot that Izzie couldn't knit because later when she was a patient, she passed the time by....yep, you guessed it, knitting

Of course Katherine Heigl is a knitter in real life - she is even producing and starring in an HBO movie that centers around knitting.

Heck, even animated characters sometimes like to get in on the action. . . don't see crochet as much in the movies but....thanks to Miss Melanie from Gone With The Wind - we can see someone with a hook and yarn - yeah for Miss Melanie - she don't know nothing 'bout no knitting - but she knows about crochet.....

On a final note... I found one more fictional character that likes to knit...none other than 24's Jack Bauer.  Look at the gun cozy he is knitting - isn't it cute ?

Haha - okay - so that is is PROBABLY photo-shopped but I thought it was too funny not to include

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  1. pretty sure you have the Grey's Anatomy reference backward. Izzie can knit, Mer can't. Izzie, on top of knitting a sweater for Denny was recreating the pieces Mer was trying so she felt like she was getting somewhere with it.