Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Wreath

One day while on Facebook, I saw a post by Drew Emborsky, also known as The Crochet Dude.
He posted a link to a beautiful wreath on MemeRose.  I just fell in love with it.  I pinned it to my crochet board on Pinterest because I knew I wanted to make it (I want to make everything I pin, but let's face it - I would need several lifetimes to do that-LOL!!)

So...I sat on it a few weeks, trying to decide what colors to make and then a little light bulb went off over my head. Ding...Ding...Ding....(actually that is a bell - haha, I don't think light bulbs go "ding, ding, ding")

I can make it Christmas colors and make a Christmas wreath - hello !!!

So...even though I was getting ready to head out of town and knew I wouldn't have time to work on it...I went to Michael's in search of some Vanna's Choice and I actually had the colors I wanted picked out except for one, I just couldn't find the right shade.  So I thought...let me check the Impeccable Yarn to see if they have it..well, it was a little cheaper since it was on sale, and the shades were almost identical so I ended up getting 5 skeins.

Soft Rose, Claret, Fern, Forest and White (I got the bigger sized skein in white but the smaller one would have been plenty - I had a ton of left over yarn, but I will use them for something else...(a tree skirt comes to mind)

So while at Michael's I wanted to get a 12 inch styrofoam wreath, but they only had it in green and I didn't want the green to peek through so I just got the bigger 16 inch in white.

I was out of town, A LOT and very busy at work so still didn't get to start on it.  Plus I wanted to finish my baby cardigan first.

I took the yarn with me when I went to visit my mom for Thanksgiving and also purchase a new hook from the Crochet Dude's line (I figured since he first inspired me to make this, then the least I could do was to try out one of his hooks).  Let me just tell you that I LOVE this hook - it is so comfortable. 

 See how it has the rubberized (and soft) handle.  I loved it so much that even though I have a complete set of Boye hooks, which I love, I immediately added a whole collection of these to my Amazon Wish List.

Although the photo above is an H hook, I actually used a G hook.  Over Thanksgiving I determined that I think I need 24 squares. I used THIS GRANNY SQUARE Pattern. I only did the first 3 rounds though.  I made 18 of the squares while visiting but then had to return home and as usual, got wrapped up in work but I finally finished the other 6 squares this week.  I'm very happy with the squares...very pretty.

So I started sewing the squares together (not my favorite part, I must admit)

Then I sewed the squared together around the wreath form and TA - DA !!!  Christmas Wreath !!!
I'm very happy with it.

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  1. I LOVE it! Fabulous colors! The Crochet Dude is amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing your project.

  2. I just love the colours you chose. Your wreath looks wonderful and I'm happy to have inspired your latest creation. Happy Holidays x

  3. It is lovely!! Well done!