Sunday, December 2, 2012

Completed Baby Cardigan (and Harajuku Mini)

Remember back in August when I started this cute vintage crochet baby cardigan because my niece was pregnant.  Well.. I made a pretty good bit of progress and then...well....let's just say, work, responsibilities, travel, etc.  all got in the way so the project set about half-way completed until the first part of November. great niece decided to surprise us and come about 2 1/2 weeks early - she is ADORABLE of course.  I would love to post her photo here but don't want to unless I talk to my niece and her hubby first.  I am sure it would be okay but I wouldn't want someone posting my baby's picture without checking with me first.

Any way...they live in New Zealand - luckily my sister-in-law went over early.  She was going to be there for the baby shower and help my niece get ready but she was only there about 24 hours and little Isobel decided to make her appearance.  Glad she waited on her grand-mama to get there.

My brother isn't going until December 16th (though Isobel would only be 2 weeks only but she will instead be about 5 weeks).  He is taking my cardigan and a few other little outfits I bought.

Now you HAVE to know my niece.  She loves, loves, loves, funky clothes.  She lived in Japan for almost 6 years and all her non-work clothes (aka business suits) are Harajuku clothes, so I was thrilled when I found these Harajuku Minis at Target.  I know my niece will LOVE them (and she will also wish they made them in her size).

Outfit One (front and back).  Look how cute the little ruffles are:

Outfit Two

She is going to love the little tutu and leg warmers

Now onto the cardigan.  Here it is. . .  along with a cute little baby hat I whipped up quickly (the pattern includes a bonnet but I don't think babies wear bonnets much these days so I made a hat instead.

I am really happy with the final result, including the tiny watermelon buttons.  I am pretty sure it will fit her (may be a little big) but I want at least 1 photo with her wearing it.  My niece is a knitter so I think she will appreciate the work that went into it. 

Here is the PATTERN for the cardigan.  Here is the PATTERN for the hat (I just freeformed the shell border on the hat)

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  1. And I love all of these! I'm sure your niece will too.