Sunday, June 2, 2013

MeTV - Family Affair Returns

I love the TV show from the 1960s, Family Affair, I can say that it was probably the fist show I ever remember watching when I was young.  I remember asking my mother many time..."Does the Buffy and Jody show come on tonight?"

I still love it so was thrilled when MeTV started airing it a while back.  Then as TV stations do, I guess they aired them all and eventually changed to a new schedule and I had to say bye, bye to Buffy and Jody again (who I had gotten use to watching before work each morning.)

Well....I just was reviewing my TiVo and see "Family Affair" was on the schedule!! (I keep it on my season pass manager).  I checked MeTV's website and whoo-hoo...their new Summer schedule starts tomorrow and they are bringing back "Family Affair", "Daniel Boone", and "Gomer Pyle, USMC"

So, it may be for the summer only, but I'll take it.
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