Friday, February 21, 2014

Upcoming Movies

I have been going to the movies quite a bit lately and therefore seeing a lot of previews.

So far, here are some upcoming movies that I would like to see

Veronica Mars - I LOVED that show - can not wait for the movie!!

Son of God - Looking so forward to seeing this. 
Three Days To Kill - new Kevin Costner movie...a thriller, looks good

Non-Stop - starring Liam Neeson - also a thriller, but on a plane

Winter's Tale - Colin Ferrell's latest - about reincarnation (I think)

Gloria - actually a 2013 movie that is just making it to the U.S. - foreign film (South America) about a woman re-inventing her mid-life self.

Here are movies I do NOT want to see:

22 Jump Street - was21 Jump Street's movie (with Jonah Hill and Tatum Channing) that much of a money maker to warrant a sequel?  I wish they would have made a real 21 Jump Street movie based on characters and concept of the TV Show.

About Last Night - I loved the original movie.  In fact, I just watched it a few nights ago and it is still good.  Why remake a movie like this.  The preview I saw had some of the EXACT dialogue but also had a lot of "updated" things - like "Debbie" and "Dan" becoming "friends" on facebook and "Dan" being teased about it.  It looks awful.

Endless Love - Seriously?  Another remake ?

Are there any movies you are looking (or not looking) forward to ?

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