Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday - ATW Afghan - New Approach

I started back working on my Around the World Afghan.  I think I have been procrastinating on it a bit because it is a little overwelming when I think about it.

I mean it has 945 tiny granny squares - 1,072 if I decide to add the border (which I will probably do in black,  perhaps).

I was working from the center, but I have decided to take a different approach and work row - by - row from the bottom up.  Then I will join with the center part once I get there.

I'm not sure why I am changing this approach - maybe because when you crochet, you are kind of use to working in rows.  Anyway, that is my approach for now - I finished a whole row in just a few hours.

Unlike the pattern states, I am not crocheting each square and then joining at the end.  I am joining as I go along.  With that many squares, I think it best to do it that way.

Her is about half of a row - see where there is pink then black then pink again - the black in the middle is the center of those pinks is the center of the row - so I added greens then blues on the other side of the pink there (just haven't taken a photo yet)

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