Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Day in the Life - Saturday Edition

I decided to take photos throughout the day - this was how my Saturday went.

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

After getting up, reading my Bible, and getting dressed and ready, I headed out the door...first stop was Wells Fargo.  I know most people don't actually go to the bank anymore - most do electronic and mobile banking but I had received 9 checks - whoo hoo!  They were overcharges for some medical co-pays and such so I thought it would be easier just to take them to the bank.

My town is very culturally diverse.  While talking to the teller, I noticed there was a teller to my left speaking Spanish to her customer and a teller to the right, speaking Chinese to her customer.  

Can you see the teller that helped me - Jesus!  He gave me a lollypop.

 I like Dum Dum lollypops - I was hoping this was strawberry - it was bubble gum flavor, but it was still pretty good!

After the bank, I had three graduation cards to send off - lots of kids graduating this year!  One of the cards is going to be late because the graduation was the day I was mailing the card but I am sure she will appreciate it, even though it is late.

Although it was a bit overcast, I wanted to get my car cleaned inside and out, so I took it to the car wash.  

They did a pretty good job but they left a rag laying on the hood, that I had to remove and later I noticed that they sprayed the tires but they didn't wipe them off so I had to touch that up later.  Plus, it looked like they didn't use amour all on the dash, which they should have - it looked better but could have been a bit better - oh least it is clean.

Then....I went to the new Hobby Lobby!!  There are 2 nearby but about 10 miles away and traffic is difficult so I was so excited that they were building one near me.  They just opened the day before.

They already had Autumn decorations out!   Even a little Christmas...
 I saw these adorable kissing gnomes - how cute!!  I also liked this Indian Chief figure - I didn't buy either one but I was really tempted to get those gnomes.

 I did walk away with some yarn (even though I do not need any) - I couldn't resist the new Sugarwheel yarn - the color is called Whipped Mocha.  I also found this AWESOME Vintage Stitching book - I have picked this book up many times at various craft stores but never got it.  However, it was on clearance - less than 1/2 price so I couldn't pass it up.  

Look at how cute the designs are - I can't wait to do some embroidery - I plan on making some kitchen towels - so cute!!

Afterwards, I went to the gym to get in my workout.

I have really been working hard - when I first started about 3 months ago, I could only walk for 20 minutes at a rate of 1/2 mile per hour.  Now that seems so slow...I'm walking 45 minutes at 2.2 miles per hour (on average).  Right now I am working on my speed and sticking to the 45 minutes.

 After my workout, I went to the grocery store.  I didn't need much but did want to pick up a few items.

While there, I stopped by the magazine and book section and found this awesome cookbook!  I seriously almost bought it...I love Modern Family and the recipes actually looked really good.  However, I was disappointed that Gloria Family Salsa recipe wasn't in it.  I mean...they talk about that recipe all the time and yet they didn't include it.

I decided not to get the book but I think I will put it on my wish list - maybe someone will get it for me for Christmas 🎄 

I then loaded up my car with all my shopping (one bag - haha) - always use re-usable bags when shopping - save the show your Crimson Tide pride!

While out and about, I was listening to Ed Sheeran's latest CD - Divide.  As you can see, I currently only have his CDs in my car...I just love him!  He is such a great song writer.  Those of you that know me really well probably know that it REALLY bugs me that the first CD is " + ", the 2nd CD is " x" and the 3rd CD is "divide" - it should be symbol " ÷ " not the word "divide" is the bonus addition and I guess that is why it is spelled out....probably the standard addition does have the symbol instead of the word.  I almost want to buy the standard edition just so they match!  It bugs me that they don't match!

Also, while out and about, my Service Engine Soon light was on - grrr!! I just had that seen about and was told it was fixed - why did it come back on?

It started raining - so much for my nice car wash - oh well... I decided to stop by QT gas station and get some iced tea!  They have the best iced tea and they have so many flavors.  I love that they have unsweetened tea (which is hard to find in the south sometimes) - I just don't really care for sugar very much so I love they have unsweeted tea.  I like all their flavors but the Black Mango is my favorite and right now - this large one is only 89 cents!  Can't beat that.  Plus I love their crush ice!

On the drive home, I noticed they tore down this house I always liked.  It made me sad to see this, although I knew it was probably coming.  The house has been empty for well over 10 was so lovely and if I was rich, I would have bought it and renovated it....but alas, I am not rich and I couldn't save it.  So sad to see this old and beautiful home that was once loved, now gone.  I wonder what will happen to the land?  

Right next to the old (now gone) house is my old elementary school.  I see they have a little garden thing going on in the front.  They have some trailer now because the poplulation has grown...maybe the school bought the land next door where the old house was and they will build some new classrooms.  I hope they don't tear down my old school though - that would make me so sad.

I then made it home, where I was greeted by Snoogy - Snoogy is the neighbor's cat but he thinks he is my cat - he stays in my yard and comes running when I get home.  He loves attention and loves to be petted...he is so sweet.

When I got home, the Osmond Family Radio Hour was just starting on Facebook - it certian times on the last weekend of the month and they play all Osmond songs and play rare songs and have interviews - it is AWESOME!!!  It only last an hour though - not long enough.  I listened to that while I made lunch.

I don't eat bread anymore - gave that up when I started Atkins last June but I do allow myself a low-carb tortilla once in a while.  While my lunch looks boring - it was actually pretty good...Deli chicken and baby swiss with a little bacon on a low carb tortilla - I was getting pretty hungry too 

I noticed that the cuckoo clock was starting to wind down so I got it going again.  I love this clock - it didn't work for over 10 years, since it fell of the wall when my parent's house was struck by a tornado but I was able to get it repaired and love it - my brother brought it back from Germany.

After lunch, I watched one of my very favorite movies - "Forrest Gump".

I then took a shower, using a new bar of soap - I love this Freesia scented soap - Kirstie Alley recommended it and it is my favorite soap - worth the price.

After my shower, I opened my mail to find I had received 2 shirts that I had ordered.  

Yes...I love the Osmonds (as you know) but I am also a KISS fan and how cool is this KISS Braves shirt?

I then watched some true crime shows on the I.D. Channel - which I watch about 70% of the time.
While doing so, I finished up this baby afghan.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out.  

I put away my project bag (since the project is now finished) - I just love my cute project bag-perfect size - I got it at JoAnne's Arts and Crafts.

 Lastly, I wound the last bit of white yarn that was left over into a yarn cake - put it away and noted it in my yarn stash on Ravelry.  

All and all...a pretty good did you spend your Saturday?

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