Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother-Daughter Week and W.I.P. Wednesday

I didn't post anything last week because my mom was in town all week - which was super nice.

The week started off last weekend, actually (May 6th) when I went to Florida for the annual Odom Family Reunion.  It was so nice and we had a pretty good turnout this year.  There were 5 generations there!  I even managed to get a photo of my mother and me, which I usually don't think to do.

The reunion was great and the weather was PERFECT!  Monday, we loaded up the car, including Pedro, of course and headed to Georgia.  He was ready for a road trip!

On the way home, my "check engine light" came on so Tuesday we went to the car dealership to get all that checked out.  Not fun!

Wednesday, we met my sister for lunch at the Blue Ribbon Grill (we are not twins, but people ask us that practically daily).

Then we did a little bit of shopping...Actually I think I did more shopping last week than I had done the entire year (my mom shops more than I do - haha)

Although she was the one that wanted to go shopping, I'm the one that spent too much money - I got about 4 new blouses throughout the week (which means I now need to get rid of 4 that I already owned) and I got a new bra - this isn't just any bra - we went for a fitting at Rigby and Peller on Thursday.  We have both been wanting to do that.  It is amazing how different you look and feel when you are wearing the correct bra for your body shape and size.  I only purchased one because they are pricey but I can understand why.  I had a lovely stylist named Candice, who assisted us - if you ever go to the Phipps Plaza location - ask for her!

While we were at Phipps Plaza Thursday, I was kind of taken a-back because it was all decorated for Christmas.  🎄 🎅

I thought (at first) - surely they still don't have their decorations up from 5 months ago and I know the retail industry gets into Christmas earlier and earlier each year but this is ridiculous.  I knew there had to be some explanation and there was....they were filming a movie there...Bad Moms 2 (aka: Bad Moms Christmas). 

Later in the week, we just had to make a stop at the infamous Varsity.  My mom loves The Varsity.  Since she hasn't lived in Atlanta for a long time, she misses it so we always try to make a trip there for a yummy chili or slaw dog whenever she is in town.

On Mother's Day, we went to church, then stopped at Mary Mac's Tea Room, for an early lunch.  I think mom was a bit surprised by the large portions! 🍗  🍛  🍴

Afterwards, my mom, sister and I went to the Botanical Gardens, it was packed!  I was surprised that so many people were there but the weather was beautiful (more photos to come later).

Sadly, mom had to return home Monday - it was so nice having her with me for a full week - I am so blessed to have such a great mother!

Since my mom was here, and we were busy, I didn't have much crafting time and I couldn't work on the shawl (since it will be a gift for her) so in the evenings, when we were relaxing, I just worked on a baby blanket - I am close to finishing it, so I think I will finish it up before I get back to the shawl.

In case you are wondering about the nail clippers....I had to go back to the car dealership this past Monday (after my mother left) because they had to order a part - I took my crochet with me to pass the time and I realized I forgot my scissors.  Well...that never stops us crocheters/knitters.  I happened to remember that I had some nail clippers in my purse so they filled in for my scissors - it worked great although I did get a few funny looks from others - haha!

How was your Mother's Day week?

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