Wednesday, May 3, 2017

W.I.P. Wednesday

Hello there!  Time for the weekly installment of W.I.P. Wednesday.

W.I.P. = Work In Progress

So...I have been pretty busy this past week - fun stuff !  More on that another day...

But, that means that I haven't had a LOT of knitting time...however, despite that, I have made some progress on my shawl.  It is just about 30 inches now so I am about half-way through.  Needless to say this will NOT be ready for Mother's Day, as I had hoped.

It could be but...I am leaving Saturday, a week before Mother's Day to go see my mom, pick her up and bring her back home with me for the week so I had to finish it by today really in order to have time to block it and have it ready in, this will most likely be a "just because" gift later on or perhaps I will save it for my mom's birthday.

I was really hoping to give it to her on Mother's Day but since I have plans every night this week, I just simply won't have gone it.

Oh is the progress so far. 

Trust me, it will be wider and look more uniformed once it has been blocked.  I'm happy with it so far and I really love the Downton Abbey yarn.  (You can click on the photo to enlarge)

I hope your week is going nicely - enjoy the rest of it !
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