Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chinese Symbols and Tattoos

I saw a guy with a Chinese symbol tattoo on his arm today.  I have no idea what the symbol meant, but I guess it had some meaning to him.

Upon googling.... I found out that Justin Timberlake has the Chinese symbols for the four elements tattooed on his side (Wind, Earth, Water and Fire) -WATER is the 3rd symbol there on his side

More googling, led me to these wrist tattoos on some stranger (not Justin), one says WATER, the other one says Fire.

Still more searching, and I found this WATER tattoo (in blue no less) on someone's foot.

It just made me the Chinese tattoo random English words on their body? 
If so, I imagine it would look something sort of like this...

I bet her friends would think she is soooo cool !!!
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