Friday, November 1, 2013

October 2013 Movies

A listing of new (to me) movies that I saw in October 2013

  • Gravity - I have loved Sandra Bullock since I first saw her in Love Potion # 9 and I am big fan of hers - I have like everything I have seen her in.  George Clooney first wooed me when he was on the Facts of Life and the sitcom E/R (I still often refer to him as Ace) and I also loved him in the drama ER).  I like movie with special effects - I like movies about space - so I knew I would like it.  I saw it in 3D IMAX, which to me, is the BEST way to see this movie to get the full effect.  It really isn't so much about space - it is really a "survival" movie.  Someone who doesn't really seem to have a reason to want to survive but yet does all she can to do so. May be hard to watch if you have motion sickness or vertigo issues but if not, then I recommend it.
  •  That's My Boy - I have said before how much I love Adam Sandler but....I am sorry, this movie was pretty bad.  In fact, his movies have been really hit and miss with me since about 2007 (Bedtime Stories, Chuck & Larry, Grown Ups were all okay) but That's My Boy, Just Go with It, Jack & Jill, Zohan - just were not very good (to me anyway - sorry Adam, I still love you though!!).  I thought he was wonderful in Reign Over Me and I really liked Hotel Transylvania (but that was just voice work).  I heard he and Drew Barrymore are making a new movie - (Familymoon) - I am looking forward it - I hope it makes me remember why I love him so much.
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