Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Abbeville, AL - Home of Huggin' Molly

I ride through the town of Abbeville, Alabama several times a year - probably 10 - 12 times at least - maybe more.  So I have been through there a lot over the years. 

Back at the end of October, when I was riding through (my 4th time that month), I noticed this new sign they were putting up on the outskirts of town.  They were actually in the process of putting it up as I drove by, so I couldn't stop and see what it was all about.

When I went through in November, I saw the sign and for some reason it struck me as soooo funny.  It was pouring rain though and I was very tired and wanted to get home so I didn't stop.  But this time...the weather was okay, the traffic was light so I decided to stop and see it up close.

The sign says "Welcome to Abbeville" - Home of Huggin' Molly.  Okay, at the time, I didn't know who that was....all I could think looks like a witch, chasing a child.

I mean who doesn't want to live in or visit a town where witches chase your children, right?

Haha - well, as it turns out Molly is not a witch but actually is more of a ghost.  Apparently, the legend is that Molly is the ghost of a very large woman (7 feet tall and as big as a bale of hay), who is dressed all in black - after dark, she will chase you down, give you a hug and scream in your ear. 

Apparently, she has a particular fondness of children (especially boys).  According to the Washington Times (Jan 2 2013), a local named Jimmy Rane, also known to many as Yella Man, swears he encountered her as a boy.

I read a story somewhere by a girl that said when she was about 11, she and her BFF wanted to see if the story was true, they went into some woods and stayed until it got dark - after a while, this tall woman, dressed all in black, came running at them with  her arms outstretched.  The kids ran out of the woods without looking back - they were afraid to see what was behind them I suppose.

Apparently, Molly is a little misunderstood - she doesn't do this to scare people, per se, she may be seeking her own child.  I guess she screams when she realizes she has the wrong kid.

Not sure if the story is true or not sure makes for a good tale (and an interesting town welcome sign).

If you are ever in Southeastern Alabama - a few miles from Dothan, stop in at Huggin Molly's Restaurant in Abbeville -  a good old fashioned soda fountain, with great food and find out more about her and the town.

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  1. Cool story. I'll hve to add this to my places to see.
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