Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 2013 Movies

Movies that I saw in December 2013 that were new to me (doesn't include made for TV movies)

  • Saving Mr. Banks - 2013
    Oh so good - great acting, interesting story but boy that Walt Disney was a patient man - P.L. Travers was a very difficult person.  While this movie made you understand why Mr. Banks (the father in Mary Poppins) was so important to her...and you do see some childhood struggles she went through - it doesn't quite show why she was so extremely difficult.  I get the feeling she was like this in all aspects of her life, not just when it came to the making of Mary Poppins.  Emma Thompson deserves an Oscar nod for this one if you ask me. Big thumbs up for this one.
  • Suspicion - 1941
    Starring Joan de Havilland Fontaine.  Okay, first of all - how in the world did I NOT know that Joan Fontaine was Olivia de Havilland's sister???  I can't believe I did not know this until, while watching this movie with my mother, she shares this information with me.  Secondly, this movie was somewhat predictable and boring and thirdly, I can't believe Joan Fontaine won an Oscar for this role as Best Actress.  She was horrible in it if you ask me.  I like her, she is a good actress but in this movie, she was just not good - sorry Joan.  I know she only passed away a couple of weeks ago and I don't mean any dis-respect.  I don't know if it was her acting or if it was just the role but I give this movie a thumbs down.
  • Gaslight - 1944
    Starring the ever beautiful, Ingrid Bergman, who rightly so, won Best Actress for this movie, which won Best Picture.  Great movie - suspenseful, interesting, great sets and customs.  Also featured, Dame May Whitty (who also happened to be in Suspicion) - great character actress, who I just adore. This movie gets a thumbs up.
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