Monday, December 9, 2013

Apple Fritter Let Down

Have you seen what an Apple Fritter looks like ?

They look kind of like THESE, right?

That is what I thought they looked like too and in fact, I was kind of happy the other day, when I went by my local Krispy Kreme and they had a picture that looked pretty much like the ones posted above - the sign said - TRY OUR APPLE FRITTERS.  Yum, I thought....that will be something different so I got one (now this was at the drive thru window so I couldn't see them before I ordered except for the picture they had posted).

When I got home, I took it out of the bag and THIS is what I got:

Seriously....That looks NOTHING like the photo they had.  Basically it was a donut with no hole and surprisingly no apples - oh wait - I take that back - there was TWO tiny (and I mean TINY) bits of apple. 

If you have a magnifying glass and look closely at the arrows, you will spot the 2 little bits of apple on the "apple fritter" (click on the photo and you can see a larger image).

It didn't tastes like apples or have any cinnamon flavor to it at all - just tasted like a yeast donut with a little bit of glaze on it.  They should have been totally embarrassed to serve this.  So disappointing.

Maybe I just got a bad one, maybe they are all like this but I can promise you that I will never get an "apple fritter" from Krispy Kreme again - lesson learned.

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