Wednesday, March 12, 2014

52 Weeks of Geneology - Week 3

I am working on catching up of the 52 Weeks of Genealogy and today I am on Week 3: About Your Parents

Week 3:  All about your parents:

  • Their full names? William Thomas & Mary Nell
  • Their parents names? William Clifton/Mandy & James Josh/Jewell Canzada
  • Their Nicknames? Bill & Mernell (not really nicknames but that is what many people called them)
  • Likes & dislikes? Dad liked working, traveling & mom likes spending time with family, watching TV
  • Physical characteristics? Dad-about 5'10", dark eyes, dark skin and hair (decended from Native Americans) & mom-about 4'11", dark curly hair and medium-skinned - has a distinctive pinpoint birthmark right on the tip of her nose.
  • What did they do for a living? Dad started out as a truck driver (driving gasoline tankers), then was promoted to dispatcher, then terminal manager, then safety director.  Mom was a housewife (as she calls it but most say "stay at home mom"), but when we were in highschool she worked at Richway, which became Target while she was working there.
  • What made them happy? They both were happy if their kids were happy.
  • What made them sad? They both were sad if any of their kids were sad.
  • What made them mad? Daddy could get mad about odd things, things that usually were only perceived in his mind (he once thought we spraypainted the bathroom sink and we didn't but he was convinced we did for some reason and was mad that we were lying) - Mom rarely gets mad - I guess the only times she does is if there is some kind of injustice or unfair treatment of someone.

Important dates:

  • Birthday? Dad - 16 Jan 1934Mom 08 Oct 1940
  • Achievements? - Dad retired in 2003
  • Marriage? 1 Apr 1955 (yes - my mom was 14 and my dad was 21 !!)
  • Death? Dad - 13 Jan 2012 (I miss him every single day)
  • Other?  
    • 1962 - Moved to Norcross, GA from FL
    • 1963 - Moved from Norcross, GA to Columbus, GA
    • 1972 - Moved from Columbus, GA to Alpharetta, GA
    • 1973 -  Bought first single family house - Doraville, GA
    • 1994 - Bough second single family house & moved back to hometown of Bonifay, FL


  • Books: Dad liked Detective novels, Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Mom likes books by John Grisham, Alex Cross, Steven King, Karen Slaughter
  • Actors: I don't think either had/have a favorite
  • Foods: Dad - raw oysters, boiled shrimp; Mom - fried mullet, fried chicken
  • Vacations? I think they both would say that our trip to South Dakota was the favorite vacation we ever had (except that my sis wasn't along-we missed her)
  • TV shows? Dad-All in the Family,Sanford & Son, The Heat of the Night, 60 Minutes, Cops; Mom-The Good Wife, 48 Hours Mystery, Downton Abbey, The Killing, Too Cute, any show about Ghosts/Hauntings.
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