Saturday, June 14, 2014

Story Update

I have an update to the story I posted about the man who jumped from the highest bridge in Atlanta.

Apparently, he had been with his partner for over 30 years and they were outgoing people but a couple of years ago his partner because ill and they sort of shut themselves off from family and friends.  He had been taking care of his partner but he died :(

The 55 year old man left a note to his sister, she said he was grieving and didn't want to be in a world where his partner wasn't.

He had also left a note letting police know where to find his partner.  When they arrived, they found him (no trauma but emaciated apparently from an illness) and he had 2 wedding bands laying on his chest.

It also seems that the man that jump, had recently has some legal/financial problems.

I don't ever, ever think suicide is the route but this story was just very sad to me and it was even sadder to see the horrible comments on facebook.

I hope their families find the peace they need.

Note: This story made it all the way to the UK Daily Mail - you can read more about it HERE
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