Monday, June 12, 2017

I Am Baby Groot 3

I mentioned before that I made a Baby Groot for my sister.  I also mentioned that her co-worker liked it and asked for me to make one for her pastor, so Baby Groot 2 was born.

Well...I posted a photo of Baby Groot (original) on a crochet facebook group (because someone wanted to know if anyone had a pattern for one) and one of the people in the group, asked me if I would make HER one too!!

Although she stated she crocheted, she didn't crochet amigurumi.  So...I told her I would!

So...Here is Baby Groot 3.  Maybe I should go into business - Haha!!

Each one is a little bit different (mostly with the vines and leaves and their pots are all different)

He is fun to make but I am ready to move onto something else now.  I have another amigurumi in mind and plan on working on that this week before getting back to my knitted shawl.

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