Saturday, April 15, 2017

I am Crochet Groot !

I am so excited that Guardians of the Galaxy - Vol. 2 is coming out soon.  As soon as the first one was over, I wanted the story to keep going.

If you saw the first movie, I'm sure you became a fan of Groot - who is an extraterrestrial tree-like creature, who happens to also be a superhero. 

Groot doesn't say much - in fact all he says is "I am Groot" but he is a great character.  At the end of the first movie, Groot sacrifices himself to save his friends but a small little twig remains and eventually becomes "Baby Groot" - who is even better than adult Groot (based on the previews).

The character (both adult and baby) is voiced by Vin Diesel. 

Well...a few weeks ago, my sister saw a cute crochet character on Facebook and asked me if I could make it for her.  I was surprised because she isn't known to be a Sci-Fi fan and I told her I was surprised she'd seen "Guardians of the Galaxy" - turns out she hadn't and had no idea who Groot was...she just thought it was cute.

And I agreed - it is cute.  I found the free pattern over on Twinkie Chan's site.  If you are not familiar with her, check her out.  Her designs are ADORABLE. If you have watched Fuller House on Netflix, then you have seen plenty of her designs worn by Kimmy....such as....

 The Bacon & Egg Scarf

 The Pizza Scarf

The Cupcake Scarf

Anyway...the Groot pattern was so fun - pretty easy to make and I like seeing him come to live as I crocheted each little piece.  I found the tiny clay pot at JoAnn's for 99 cents.

So...if you like Baby Groot - give this a try - you will be happy you did.

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  1. Do hou have the pattern for me?

    1. You can find the pattern here: