Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Music-Filled Weekend - Part One

WOW!!!  What a great weekend I had.  My friend, Susan, came up last Thursday evening.  Friday, she ran a couple of errands with me and Friday night, we went to see THREE DOG NIGHT.  We have both seen them before, back in the 80s, but we just love them so was very excited to see them again.

As expected, it was hit after hit after hit!!!  They are so good and sounded great!  I just love their songs and voices.   Their set was a little too short for me (about 1 1/2 hrs which included 2 songs in the Encore) but hey, they are in their 70s so I guess they needed to get back to the hotel.  We were back home by 10 pm.  

The photos aren't great - I only took a few with my camera phone.

 was the set list....see, I told you, hit after hit after hit!!!  If you have not seen them and you ever get a chance, don't pass it up - so worth it!!!

Three Dog Night - April 7th - Cobb Energy Center
The Family Man
Black & White
Never Been to Spain
Out in the Country
Easy to Be Hard
Play Something Sweet
An Old Fashioned Love Song (did you know Paul Williams wrote this song?)
Sure as I'm Sittin' Here
Mama Told Me Not to Come (I bet you didn't know that Randy Newman wrote this!)
Eli's Coming

Prayer of the Children (a new song - it was beautiful)
Joy to the World

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