Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yarn Hoarders - Yikes!

I am the first person to admit that I love yarn.  I currently have quite a stash but...I do have particular projects in mind for the yarn I have purchased.

About 2 months ago, I was going through my queue and realized I have a lot of projects that I have purchased the yarn for - plenty to keep me busy the rest of the year so I decided I am on a yarn diet until I have made those projects.

It has been tough, because I keep seeing such pretty yarn come out.

Take for example...Lion Brand Mandala.  I mean this stuff is BEAUTIFUL!!

It is similar to Caron Cakes.  Select Walmart stores have been carrying them but they will be sold in all Walmart stores by September (so I have heard).  Today, they started selling them on Herrschner's website.  Of course, it can also be purchased on Lion Brand's website, since they are the maker.

There is a group on Facebook for people sharing ideas and patterns for using this yarn so I joined - love seeing crochet goodness and also I thought I could see ideas for the Caron Cakes too (since the yarn is similar) - Caron Cakes are Aran weight but Mandala is DK Weight.

Well.....about 80% of the talk on the Facebook group is "My Walmart doesn't carry it, can someone mail me some" or "I found some today - drove 70 miles one way but I got it".  I understand the desire for this yarn, I do but....

So many people are hoarding this yarn - I suppose it is because it is hard to find so when they find it, they buy it all up.  It is sort of a mob mentality though - at least in my eyes.

First, I saw a photo of someone's stash that looked like this....

Good gravy!! Look at all of it - pretty yes but what is she going to do with it all?

Later, I came upon this and was truly, truly shocked !!!  I mean this lady (in my opionion) doesn't just have a yarn addiction, she has a serious shopping addiction - I mean TRULY.

I seriously thought this was a yarn store or something - NO !!  This is some lady's house.  A particular blanket she mentioned - she states needs 10 cakes (must either be very big or have a lot of detail stitches) - still...she has over 200 of them - she mentions figuring out the cost.  Well...they run for about $5 at Walmart and I am assuming that is where she got them - therefore, lets use that amount (although she could have paid more on the Lion Brand site).... $5 and lets say with 7% sales tax - that is about $5.35 each times 200 is $1,070!!!  For yarn!!

I thought that was about as much yarn hoarding as I have ever seen or heard of (plus it makes me wonder what other yarn does she have stored about her house?  Does she have a ton of Caron Cakes too? - I bet you a pretty penny, she probably does.  She must have a huge house to store all this!

But....that was nothing...I think came upon a small little comment without any pictures and literally about fell out of my chair.....

I was like 😱 (WHAT?!) when I read that.  That is 760 yarn cakes!!!  A typical afghan (which uses a lot) takes anywhere from 2 to 6 cakes depending on how big you want it.  What in the world is she going to do with 760 cakes of yarn (by the way Sweet Rolls is similar and sold at JoAnn's and Bernat Pop is also similar and sold at Walmart).  They are all lovely but 760???? It will take multiple lifetimes to use all that - plus, where in the world do you store it?  Now Caron Cakes and Sweet Rolls average about $7 a cake.  I think Bernat Pops are about the same price as the Mandela (about $5 each) so again...let's do the math

(100 x 5.35) + (400 x 7.49) + (200 x 7.49) + (60 x 5.35) is approx.  $5,350 !!!! 😱 Are you kidding me?  Who in the world has that kind of money to spend on yarn?  Well..perhaps she does I suppose but more than likely it was all put on credit cards - I suppose she could be wealthy somehow but Geez, Louise - how will she ever use all that up?  Even if she will take a LONG time...wouldn't you worry about bugs getting in it until you could use it?

Now you know...they will come out with new colors - what is she going to do then, buy a bunch of new colors.  I'm sorry but this woman (maybe all of these women mentioned here) need some kind of intervention.

Of course it is none of my business how people choose to spend their money - I'm sure I have been known to spend money on things I shouldn't have, but this is serious hoarding, in my opinion. All I can say is..

Wow ... Just .... Wow !!

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