Friday, April 14, 2017

Jughead Hat

I've been crafting a lot lately - a couple of weeks ago, I was watching "Riverdale" and decided I needed a hat just like Jughead's.

Yes...that is Cole Sprouse - one of the twins that were in "Big Daddy", with Adam Sandler, played 5-year old Ben on "Friends" and played Cody on the Disney channel's "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody".

I love this show - but I digress....

Anyway, I wanted a hat like that for some dumb reason and so I was off to find a pattern.  The only one I found that I really liked and reminded me of the one in the photo above was from the book "Domiknitrix".  Now most of the patterns in this book are not for me so luckily I was able to find this book at my local library and check it out.

Let me tell you - this is a great book.  I will save my review until another time.  As I said, most of the patterns are not for me, but about half of this books has wonderful knitting instructions, tips and tutorials - it is great for someone learning to knit.  It is worth looking into.

So...I found the pattern - bought some grey Colorwheel yarn from Michaels and got to it. the following episode of Riverdale, I was wearing my very own Jughead hat.....

 (I took this photo before I added the embellishments)

I am pretty happy with it.  I do wish it were a little bit longer to cover my ears but then again, it doesn't really cover Jughead's ears either so perhaps it is just right.

It was a fun knit.

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