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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 1

#52Ancestors Challenge

 I am going to try to give this another shot.  I tried before but got too busy to keep it up...I may get busy again but hey, worth a try, right?  Recently, I discovered that there is actually a weekly challenge that I found on and she will send a daily prompt that may help me stay on tract. 

This week's prompt is "Start"

I'm going to start out 2018's 52 Weeks of Geneology with Ezekiel Slaughter because I have done a lot of research on him and he a fascinating person to me.

Ezekiel Slaughter is my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather (5 times Great Grandfather)

 (not a photo of him - haha)

Ezekiel Slaughter was born 5 Jun 1727 in Halifax, Virginia, USA.  He was the son of John Reuben Slaughter (1685-1730) and Sarah Butler (1705-1781). (Source: North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000)

He served as a Private in the Revolutionary War from 1776-1778 in Captain Thomas Thweatt’s Compay of the 14th Virginia Regiment. (Source: US Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783; Virginia, 14th Regiment (Folders 316-326)

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1749 – When he was 22, he married Sarah Yiuelle Butler, his first cousin and daughter of John Butler (1700-1756) and Barsheba Yiuelle (1700-1756) in Virginia. (Source: US and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900)

He had 11 Children:

  1. Mary Slaughter Worsham (1748-????)
  2. Johnathan (John) Slaughter (1750-1805) – also a Revolutionary War Soldier
  3. Sarah (Sallie) Slaughter Robbarts (1751-1819)
  4.  Elizabeth (Betty) Slaughter Jones (1753-1792)
  5. Judith (Judea) Slaughter Gill (1754-1792)
  6. Samuel Slaughter (1758-1820) – also a Revolutionary War Soldier (my 4-times great grandfather)
  7. Nancy Ann Slaughter Stillwell (1760-1818)
  8. Susannah (Susan) Slaughter Hawkins (1763-1837)
  9. Martha (Patty) Slaughter Gill (1764-????)
  10. Reuben Slaughter (1766-1793)
  11. Lucinda (Lucy) Slaughter Lloyd (1769-1839)

1752 – He was granted 400 acres in Cumberland County, Virginia.  He also had land in King William County, Virginia according to the will of his half-brother, Williams Harrison. (Source:  Genealogies of Virginia Families From Tyler’s Quarterly Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Volume 1, p288) 

1765 - He served as a vestryman, In Antrim Parish,VA  (Source: Tylers’s Quarterly Magazine, Volume 9, 1927).

1767 - He served as a Justice of the Peace (Source: Justices of Peace of colonial Virginia 1757-1778, Bulletin VA State Library)

1767 – Commissioned from the Governor and appointed Captain of the Militia of his company (Source: court of Pleas, page 242 – Oct 1764-1767)

1776 – 14 Feb 1778 Revolutionary War Service in the 14th Virginia Regiment (Source: Virginia State Library) under Captain Thomas Thweatt.  The regiment fought in the Battle of Brandywine, the Battle ofGermantown, the Battle of Monmouth and the Siege of CharlestonThe first 3 battles, he fought under the command of General George Washington.

 Battle of Brandywine

 Battle of Germantown (sorry hard to see)

Battle of Monmouth

1788 – Left Halifax County, VA and went to Greene County, GA

20 Aug 1792 - He died in Green County, Georgia at the age of 65

What a fascinating life he had.  I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and meet him.
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