Wednesday, January 3, 2018

W.I.P. Wednesday

What am I thinking? What am I thinking?

I do not need to start yet another project when I have 3 projects not yet finished and already have so many other projects in mind.  But yet, here I am, starting something new.  I told you before that I have C.A.D.D. (Crafting Attention Deficit Disorder).😄

Seriously though, it really isn't that I don't have the attention to finish my Works in Progress (WIP).  I do have the attention for it, but I just see something new and I want to get started on it so badly that I put the other project aside because I am so excited about the new one.

I haven't cross-stitched in YEARS -  (well, other than the small project I made for my niece and her family).  I used to love to cross-stitch, but as I have gotten older, so has my eye-sight and it makes cross-stitching a bit more difficult.

But almost 3 years ago, I found this pattern and wanted to pick up my needle, hoop and Aida cloth.  However, I didn't because I had other projects going on and didn't want to start something new and didn't know that I would be able to see well enough to do cross-stitch.    I can't believe it has been that long ago since I purchased this pattern!!  I decided that I would just take the plunge and start it (and yes, finish it)

I still have 1 knitting project and 2 crochet projects that I will work on.  I have decided on a system that will work for me so that I can work and finish all of them (before I start anything new - a promise to myself).

So...I am going to work on this cross-stitch project this week in the evenings.

Sunday, I will get back to my knit project and work on that next week (I will most likely finish it next week - I'm almost done with it)

The following week, back to the cross-stitch

The week after, one of the crochet projects (the one I am closest to finishing) - maybe I will finish it that week - if not, I will just continue to work on it until finished.

This will get me through the month of January then I will come up with a plan for February.  I have so many things I want to knit/crochet/etc. but I truly, truly want to finish my WIPs (which now includes this cross-stitch piece).

I started an afghan that I started back in 2010 - yes, almost 8 years ago...there is good reason this was placed on hold though because (a) it is a massive project and (b) I suffered loss of family members and I was in a car accident and had a 6 month recovery from that so I wasn't physically able to work on it for a long time - then after my accident, I just didn't have crafting mo-jo for a while.  But I know, I truly know that this is the year that it will be completed. 

This cross-stitch project is the largest cross-stitch that I have ever attempted - the pattern is  6 pages!!! There are 26 colors - all in shades of brown.  But this truly is a labor of love and a dedication to my sweet dear Thatcher, who I miss with all my heart.  I'm excited to start this project.

Most cross-stitch yorkies are the cutest ones with long, hair and bows - like the one below and that is just NOT my Thatcher - he didn't have pointed ears like most yorkies, he didn't wear bows and he wasn't teeny tiny pocket book size - he was almost 20 lbs, fluffy and floppy-eared. He wasn't like this one....(which most cross-stitch patterns are like)
So...wish me luck as I start this new adventure.  I don't have a photo of the project to post yet because I only started it this morning, before work and only have about 15 stitches done so far.  I will post a photo next week of my progress.

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