Saturday, February 10, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 6

This weeks prompt is "Favorite Name"

While I am not really sure I have a "favorite" name in my family tree....there is a name that seems to pop up a lot and it intrigues me.

The name is Canzada.

It isn't a surname, it is a first or middle name.

My maternal grandmother was Jewel Canzada Odom
Her mother (my great grandmother) was Clementa Canzada Davis
My great grandmother's sister-in-law (my 2nd great aunt) was named Minnie Canzada Odom (so married into the family and still had Canzada in her name)

I can't find any information about this name, except that it is usually a surname.  However, I haven't located anyone with this surname in my family line (yet).  So I just don't know where the name came from.  It sounds Spanish, doesn't it?  Canzada means "hunted" in Spanish.

I wish I new where this name came - it is just unusual.  I have never heard it except within my family tree. 

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