Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Must have control . . .

My Catheral Rose Window Afghan pattern book from Annie's Attic arrived in the mail yesterday. This is an afghan that I have oohed and aahed over for about a year or more. The pattern was out of print so I just accepted it since I didn't have time for such a big project anyway.

Well...they recently re-released this "vintage" pattern. Not sure that 1996 should be considered "vintage" but I think I once read that with clothing, anything over 10 years old is considered "vintage" so maybe the same holds true with afghan patterns.

Let me tell you, I wanted to just to toss everything thing aside, run to my nearest all-night Walmart for 1 skein of yarn and get started right away. But then I heard the sound of screeching breaks in my mind and remembered...oh yea, you have to finish those WIPs before you can start anything else - in addition, you really want to do those WIMs that you already have bought the yarn for. So...needless to say, it will probably be a while before I allow myself to start this afghan (even though I want to start it right NOW!)

I must have control...I must have control...finish what I started first. Speaking of which, I'm making progress (slowly, but surely) on my illusion skull scarf. I only have an hour a day of knitting time, sometimes not even that.

Do you see the skull and crossbones?

How about now?

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  1. Thanks saranya - I love seeing it as it develops. It makes me want to knit it faster :)