Wednesday, February 1, 2012

29 Day Photo Challenge - Feb 2012; Day 1

I have never participated in a month-long photo challenge before but when I saw THIS POST on (that is FAT - MUM - SLIM not Fat Muslim, which is what I thought it was originally - HaHa), I decided to give this month's challenge a try.

First up...Your View Today

I spent a great deal of the day and evening working on matching up flat file printout to their supporting documentation, this requires signing them, dating them, stamping them (with 2 different stamps), reviewing them, matching them up and verifying the amounts, putting them in order and grouping the entire package together.  I was trying to catch up the back log from when I was out.  I finally did get it caught up - whew !!

But in the meantime spent a great deal of time looking at these stamps, this stapler, stapler remover, pen & pencil on the top of my this is Day 1 of the photo challend

My View Today

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