Sunday, February 26, 2012

February Photo Challenge

I've been out out of town so haven't been able to update with my daily photo challenge, but I have been taking them - here are some from the past couple of week

Feb 15 - Phone
My phone with GPS, showing my location - yeah, baby !

 16 - Something New
Our "GO" room at the Flamingo

 Feb 17 - Time
Photo take at almost the same time at Hoover Dam - 2 different time zones

 Feb 18 - Drink
Our favorite ! Strawberry Margarita at Margaritaville

Feb 19 - Something You Hate To Do
2 Things I hate to do - go through Airline Security and leave Las Vegas

 Feb 20 - Handwriting
Donny Osmond's Autograph 

Feb 21 - A Fave Photo of You
Me and Donny

 Feb 22 - Where You Work

 Feb 23 - Your Shoes

 Feb 24 - Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet
(for fun !)

 Feb 25 - Green

 Feb 26 - Night
Bellagio Fountains

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