Saturday, February 4, 2012

I need help - I'm addicted to crafting

I've posted before that I seriously thing I have C.A.D.D - Crafting Attention Deficit Disorder.  Now I have already mentioned that I am working on this beautiful Around the World Afghan and I have not made much progress since last posting about it. 

I failed to mention that when I was in Alabama and Florida so much these past few months, I didn't have that project with me so I went to the local Hobby Lobby and then started working on this Crochet Stripe Baby Blanket

I chose BRIGHT, HAPPY boy colors.  Who I am making this for, I do not know (well I do know but she isn't even pregnant and therefore if she ever decides to get pregnant, who knows if she will have a boy) but I needed something bright and cheery to work on while I was sitting in the critical care waiting area for several weeks.

Today, I discovered this lovely Circles in Octagon Throw and am thinking ... I MUST make that.  It is so pretty.  I like the colors as it is but wouldn't it be pretty to substitute the greens for all purples or all pinks?  Or maybe even use a multitude of different colors instead.  I can really picture it and want to start on it today !!

But... did I not already post that I have purchased yarn for a Mystery CAL ?  Why yes, I believe I did.  But look how pretty that throw is.  But NO, NO, NO - bad girl.

I must repeat...
I (state your name) am a craft-a-holic
It has been 2 days since I last crafted
I vow that I will not, repeat, will not start this beautiful throw until I have
(a) Finished my Baby Stripes Afghan (working on that now - hope to finish soon)
(b) Finished my Mystery Bernat CAL afghan
(c) Finished my Around the World Afghan

This is very hard for someone who is suffers from C.A.D.D. and has a Craft Addiction to boot. But I must be strong - I-must-not-add-new-projects to my crafting queue.

Where can I go get help ?  Ahhh - looks like I found a place Crocheter's Anonymous (do they call it CroAnon?)
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  1. I love the colors of your striped throw!

  2. Thanks RollerScrapper, I wanted to use Bright and Cheerful colors insead of normal baby pastels.