Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MTV - When they showed Videos

Remember the good old days - when MTV actually showed videos?  I remember the first day of MTV.  This is how every hour was broken down

Top of the hour - MTV theme music would play and astronaut would put MTV flag on the moon, vivid colors would flash on the flag.

VJ would give you a welcome message and maybe say a few things about a band or a video then you would have several music videos

20 minutes into the hour - just some funky, swirly random images would appear for about 5 minutes

25 minutes into the hour - VJ time again

30 - 50 minutes into the hour - all music videos

50 mintues into the hour - Music News, originally told by the VJ but later Kurt Loder came along to do that

Another video or 2 then ...

Top of the hour again.

NO COMMERCIALS at all - just VJs, music news and info and videos - lots and lots of glorious music videos.  I loved all the Veejays.  Martha Quinn was probably my favorite one but I loved them all.

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