Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - My Review

Just a little bit before I left work today, I received an e-mail that had a ticket for a free screening to see "Salmon Fishing in the Yeman" - I've seen this preview a few times and the movie looked pretty good so I wanted to see it anyway but even better that I get to see it early and free !

What is not to love about this movie?  First, it stars the ever handsome, ever wonderful Ewan McGregor as Fred and he uses his real Scottish accent (bonus!).  Fred is a fisheries expert (works for Dept of Fisheries and Agriculture), he receives an e-mail from Harriett, played by the sweet, charming and talented, Emily Blunt (who happens to have some the prettiest eyes I've ever seen).  Harriett is a wealthy sheik's London representative. The sheik, played by Amr Waked (who is also pretty easy on the eyes), is a fisherman and wants to bring salmon fishing to Yemen - he thinks this will help build relationships and also help his people.  

Fred thinks the whole thing is ridiculous - how will they bring Salmon to a desert and make it continue to thrive but then Kristen Scott Thomas' character, Patricia, who works for the Prime Minister knows they need a "feel-good" story about the Middle East and gets involved with the project which pushes it along.

Before you know it, Harriett and Fred and the Sheik are working on bringing salmon to Yemen.  Along the way, Harriett receives some bad news about her boyfriend and Fred's starting to realize that his marriage has really been over for a while.  But..just as they are starting to come together, Harriett's life changes and Fred must then decide to reunite with his wife Mary.

The movie had a great plot - the main story trying to bring the salmon to Yemen, if they can accomplish it, if the sheik can survive terrorist attacks alone is great but add the romance in there, it gets even better!  One thing I wasn't expecting is for this movie to be so funny!  There were a lot of funny lines and moments in the movie, one of which involved Fred and his illustrations

At the end of the movie, the audience cheered - literally and I haven't seen that happen in a long time.  I really loved this movie and highly recommend it !
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