Monday, March 19, 2012

Very Pinteresting...

I've mentioned Pinterest before and enjoying seeing 99.9% of things that other people pin.  However about .1% of the time, I will come across something and just kind of scratch my head.  Sometimes it is the comment, sometimes it what they actually pinned.

Take this for example
"Use fitted sheets to cover box springs" - while yes, it looks nice, I'm thinking to myself, what is the point of doing that?  First of all - who sees your box springs except for you and your overnight guest and do they really care that your box spring is exposed for the few minutes they turn down the sheets and get into bed?  When you make your bed up, you don't see the box springs anyway, so why cover them with a sheet?  To me it is just one more item that has to be washed.  Why add to my household workload?

Here is another one:
Turn your toaster on its side and make grilled cheese.  Several problems with this one.  First of all, it won't be a grilled cheese, it will be toasted cheese (which taste different to me than grilled cheese).  Secondly, can't you just use your oven or toaster oven (I know not everyone has a toaster oven but IF you did).  Third, this is a fire hazard - the sides of a toaster can get pretty hot, I don't think laying it down on a wood counter top, where it could scorch your counter top is a very good idea.  May not cause a fire but would leave burn marks on your counter, why would you do that?  It isn't like it is that hard to make a grilled cheese the traditional way on the stove top and it actually would probably be just as fast or faster than using this method.

Do you want to look like you live in a million dollar home, what do million dollar homes have?  Chandeliers of course.  They are expensive though, so you can make your own...

Seriously ?? You are going to make a light fixture from plastic spoons?  First of all, no matter what you do, it is going to look like it is made from plastic spoons.  Secondly, if it gets too hot from the light bulb, the spoons will probably melt (depending on the quality of your spoons I suppose).  Also, can you see how much fun it would be to try and dust that thing, which would probably need dusting about 3 times a week?

Speaking of plastic spoons, how about a nice mirror for you?

I guess this is nicer since the spoons are painted hot pink and the vase of flowers kinds of makes the scene pretty..but like I said, no matter what you do, they still look like plastic spoons.

Now I don't mend to offend anyone that may have pinned these items.  That is fine - I'm sure I have pinned some things that make people go - what????  And like I said this is only about 0.1% of the odd stuff (in my opionion) that I see on Pinterest.  What is so funny about them too is often they have the caption underneath that says "Brilliant" !  Really? You think using a fitted sheet on a box spring is brilliant?  Einstein was brilliant, box spring sheets are not.
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