Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Janury 2017 Movies

I used to post a listing of monthly movies that I have watched - that were new to me.
I haven't done that in a while because of various factors, I just wasn't up to seeing movies much, let alone blogging about them but...I have seen a few movies this month so thought I would share

1) Star Wars: Rouge One - my first movie of 2017.  What did I think?  It was great!  I loved how it explained why the Death Star had that little flaw in the center of it and how Princess Leia got a hold of that information.  Plus, the special effects, story and acting was all great!

2) Guardians of the Galaxy - I know this movie is a few years old but a sequel is coming out later this year and I have heard so many good things about this movie so thought I would watch it.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Tons of action and lots of unexpected humor.  Looking forward to the sequel.

3) Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children - I wanted to see this movie when it first came out, but never got around to it.  I'm kind of glad of that.  It was just ok to me.  A little slow in the beginning. I liked it but glad I didn't pay full price to go see it.

4) Florence Foster Jenkins - so good.  As I have mentioned several times on this blog, I love Meryl Streep and almost always see a new movie of hers in January (seems like her movies are always around Nov - Feb time).   She was so good in this movie - funny but sweet.  Hugh Grant did a good job too and showed off a few dance moves.  Great costumes too - I am sure they will win for costume design when Oscar time rolls around.

5) Eddie the Eagle - I wanted to see this movie when it was initially released too but again, never did.  I am kind of glad because although I thought it was a really good movie, with a really good story, I was fine waiting for it to be on HBO.  It was a true story and was very inspirational.

6) Jack Reacher - again, wanted to see it on the big screen but didn't and this one ... I wish I had.  WOW!  Great movie, but then again I love Tom Cruise movies - LOVE THEM!  This movie was so action packed and also unexpectedly funny at times.  Can't wait to see the sequel!

7) Taken & Taken 2 - I'm putting these together since I watched them back to back and they were basically the same movie with different angles.  Both were really good - I want to see Taken 3 now and there is a new show coming on at the end of February. I will watch it - I love action movies.

8) Because I Said So - I went to donate blood and they said they really needed platets and could I take the time do that instead.  I had never donated platelets before but since they had a greater need and I had time, I decided to do so (turned out that I didn't do well - I almost passed out when it was over and 3 people had to come  rush over to help get me back - it was a bit scary there for a bit).  But...since it takes about 2 hours to donate, they let you pick out a DVD to watch.  So, I picked out this movie.  I enjoyed it - I'm not really a fan of Diane Keaton's because I don't think she is that great of an actress and can be super silly but she was okay in this and I liked the story pretty good - it was entertaining while I laid there with needles stuck in both arms for 2 hours. 

9) The Founder - about Ray Kroc, the "Founder" of McDonald's starring Michael Keaton.  I've always loved Michael Keaton and this movie looked good and interesting and so my sis and I went to see it on a Sunday afternoon.  It was very good.  A great story that was very eye opening.  McDonald's Corporation isn't the fast food chain, per se, but it is really a real estate holdings company.  I highly recommend it - it will make you look at the Golden Arches in a different way.

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  1. I should explain that my husband and I both have neurological problems that prevent us from staying still for long at a time and also he has narcolepsy, so we never see movies! I do enjoy reading about them.