Wednesday, January 11, 2017

W.I.P. Wednesday

After I posted a picture of a couple of Messy Bun hats on the 2 Peas Refungees forum, someone asked if she could pay me to make her a couple of them.  I told her I would be glad to but I can't charge her.  I didn't charge the first person and I won't charge her either.  I enjoy making them and even though I never met her in real life, I consider her a friend of sorts.

So... I am in the process of making her a messy bun hat in brown ombres (Red Heart color is called Platoon).   I will also make her one in baby blue, like the one I made for my friend, Katie. 

After that, I am going to my myself a One-Skein Scarf with the Red Heart Painted Desert multi-color yarn.  I may be facing surgery on my neck soon and will have bandages so I want a simple skinny scarf that kind of matches everything so I think I will make this scarf for myself to wear, just in case I need to cover up the bandages.    It takes 2 hook sizes.  One of them is an "L" hook. 

I thought I had every hook size ever made but turns out I didn't have an "L" hook.  It is kind of large and I suppose I have never needed one before and odds are, I will never need one again, but I have it now (the one with the yellow handle) and it will be available, if I ever need it again.

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