Monday, July 17, 2017

Weekend Re-Cap

I had a pretty busy weekend! (Warning...lots of photos ahead)


Friday night started off with a visit to the newly remodeled Variety Playhouse.   This place originally opened in 1940 as a movie theater and (long story made very short), it is now an intimate music venue.  I admit, the last time I was there, it was pretty run down, broken seats, sticky carpet and such but it looks FANTASTIC now!  The renovations are incredible - a beautiful venue!!

Well..back to the story.  We went to see Amy Ray.  Now I have followed Amy since 1987 - for 30 years!!!  I use to see Indigo Girls perform back when they had 20 people coming to the show and before they became big name signed artist!  I have stayed a loyal fan all these years (as has all of my friends who were also there in the beginning). 

Amy gave a fantastic show (no Indigo Girl songs - she has plenty of her own material).  Wow!  She was amazing and performed a lot of new songs, all which were great!!  Her performance of "The Rise of the Black Messiah" absolutely blew me away!! She has such passion!

Her long time friend and singing partner, Emily Saliers, was there just to watch the show but she convinced her to come on stage and sing the last 2 songs with her.



My sister and I were driving up to Adairsville, when we got a text asking to change the date to Sunday, so we changed course and headed back home, but we decided to have lunch first at Farmburger.

I went home and made two pans of baked ziti (one for friends coming in town and one for tomorrow). Then after my friends got into town, we went to the Braves - Diamondbacks game. We received free tickets when we donated blood there about a month ago.

The sunset at SunTrust Park was glorious!!

The best part!! The BRAVES WON!!  Great Game!!


Sunday was a bit more somber.  My sister and I did drive up to Adairsville but the emotions were mixed.  We were going to see a long time friend - someone we've know for over 40 years so we were happy to see him, his kids and his dad but the reason for the visit was because his mom passed away.  I'm so heartbroken - she was a wonderful lady and my heart just breaks for them.  I took them the baked ziti I made and my sister made some chicken and dumplings.  We visited for several hours.

When we were leaving to head back home (it is about an hour's drive), we decided to stop by Barnsley Gardens, which is right there in town.  It would take a LONG blog post to write all about Barnsley Gardens so for now, I will just share a few photos.  (We hope to go back in the fall, when it is a lot cooler)

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