Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I Am So Blessed

I have been kitty sitting my nep-mew since Saturday and this morning I said goodbye to him because his mommy, my sister, is coming back home today.  He is such a sweet kitty and he is so pretty - his coat is so shiny and healthy.

I've enjoyed spending time with him the past few days.  After I kissed him goodbye, I headed to work.  I have Sirius XM and was listening to 70s on 7 and they were playing such great songs...I was singing along to all of them and I didn't get into any traffic and I didn't have to deal with any jerky drivers....the day was starting out great!

I arrived at work and after plugging my Surface Pro in, I headed to the break room to fix my morning glass of iced tea.  

I thought - boy, I am so grateful that we have this awesome Pebble Ice Machine (I love ice but especially love pebble ice!)

So I poured my tea into my loyal Bubba Keg (if you don't have a Bubba Keg, you need one).  I had ice left in it this morning from a drink I made YESTERDAY morning - keeps your drink cold (or hot if you prefer) all day!!!

As I sipped my first sip, I looked out and admired the wonderful view I have of the Atlanta skyline.  Although it was an overcast day and the sky wasn't as blue and pretty as usual, it is still a breath-taking view.

I actually can see 2 skylines - the midtown skyline (in the photo) and the Buckhead skyline - but I didn't take a photo of that because I couldn't get a good shot without my reflection in the window.

The trees are all at various stages of green as their Spring leaves are coming out.  I love Autumn with all its colors but Spring is even more stunning at times because of all the different shades of green - so pretty.

I thought to myself as I admired the view...what a truly blessed and lucky girl I am.  I have a great job, I work with great people, my boss is wonderful.  I live in this AMAZING city and I live in this AMAZING country - I know it isn't perfect but we truly do live in a great country - we are free and can practice the religion of our choosing, we can speak out and not worry if we will be thrown in jail or killed.  I am so lucky to have been born in America and be an American citizen.

I thought about how blessed I am that I have a wonderful family.  That I had parents that loved me and were so good to me, they helped give me my education so that I could work at a job in such a beautiful building and in a building that is 10 minutes from home - even better.  I'm just so, so, so blessed!!

It is amazing what taking just a minute out of your day and reflecting on the blessings of your life can do - it is also amazing how many blessings you can think of in just a minute's time.

Thank you God for my life - You are so good to me!

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