Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Read the Bible in a Year

I mentioned in my 2014 Goals posting that for several years, I have wanted to read the Bible throughout the year and have completely read it by the end of the year.  There are several reasons for this:

Spending time in God's Word, reading his revelation to mankind, is important in the daily life of a Christian. It is how we get to know God personally and intimately. Just think about this: God, Creator of the Universe, wrote a book to you. He wants to communicate with you on a daily basis!

Daily readings help us to gain a better understanding of God's purposes and his plan of salvation from beginning to end. Also, instead of seeing the Scriptures as a collection of disjointed books, chapters, and verses, through daily continued reading, we can see that the Bible is a unified, cohesive work. 

There are lots of reading plans out there - a simple Google search will produce many results.  Also, as I mentioned before, there is even a Bible designed specifically for daily readings.

Ultimately, I decided I wanted to read from Beginning to End, since God is the Alpha and Omega - the Beginning and End (Revelations 1:8).

If I decide to read through the entire Bible again, I will choose a different reading plan, probably Chronological.   For my initial, complete, reading though, I prefer to read it through in order as listed in the Bible.

Here is the plan I am reading if you'd like to join me.  It isn't too late to begin at Genesis 1 or you can just pick up with whatever day you are reading this and start from there.  I got it the reading plan from and revised it a little to include check boxes (because I like checking off things when I complete them). 

You can find my checklist here:  Bible Reading Plan (Beginning to End)
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  1. I absolutely LOVE this and I am going to do it too! This year, the whole Mormon church is reading the OLD TESTAMENT.
    This way I can do that PLUS, the NT which we will study next year.
    Thanks for the study guide.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Bev - I am so glad you are going to join along too - so far..I am right on track :)