Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday - AAUGH !

I was so happy - I was progressing right along on this and WHAM - I saw it - I almost wanted to just abandon the whole thing but since it is such a small project, I will just have to re-do half of it. 

Can you see the problem???

Se the two squares on the bottom?  Those are the ones I completed first and posted last week.  See the two squares on the top?  I completed those this week.  Do you see a difference in them.  It is subtle but it is there- the squares on the bottom are bigger than the ones on the top - in fact each tiny square in the two bigger squares on the bottom are exactly 1 space too wide and 1 space too tall.  The ones on the top are the correct size.

As you can see - they do not line up - what a silly, silly mistake on such and easy project.  I counted wrong on the first two squares.  I meant to use 12 spaces across, 12 spaces down.  But what I did is count the 2nd space (which is the first space with yarn in it) as space # 1, when actually space #1 is an empty space (as is its opposing/diagonal corner).  I counted properly on the top squares. 

So..... I have to completely re-do the bottom squares so the are the right size and I still have one more square to do so I have to do 3 more squares (which have 9 squares in each one) - I can't believe I was so careless.

Oh well...what's a girl to do?  Mistakes happen.  Rats !

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