Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tia & Tamera Halt Reality Show

I do not watch a lot of TV and especially do not watch much of "reality" TV.  However, there is one reality show that I do watch and enjoy....Tia and Tamera.

I just love these girls - always have and I always look forward to when their reality show is in a new season.  However, a couple of days ago, Tamera announced they have decided not to return with Season 4. 

Too bad for me but I can certainly understand their reasons.  Following their show, I know they do not make career decisions lightly - they are very serious about their career choices and their families decisions so I am glad for them but I will miss the small peek I had in their lives and watching their families grow (from single girls to married girls to mothers). 

I hope to continue to see them on their other career ventures and wish them all the best!

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