Monday, April 30, 2018

My Office - Day 7

My business card holder is very, very, very special to me.  It isn't actually meant to be a business card holder, as you can tell since the cards are in there sideways but as with most personal items found in my office, it comes with a story.

I had a much beloved boss at a previous job and she used to keep this on her desk with her business cards in it.  I always thought it was so pretty and so feminine - just like her and it just fit her personality so well.

She left to move back closer to her hometown and I was helping her pack her office up.  She said she wanted me to have anything in the room to remember her by.  The first thing I thought of was her business card holder which she gladly gave to me.  She said that it actually came from a former (much beloved) boss of I told her that I couldn't accept it and she insisted that she wanted me to have it.  She said he had kept this on his desk for years and it was actually meant to hold cigarettes (which he did keep in it - back in the 80s/early 90s, you could actually smoke in your office believe it or not).

He had given it to her when he left.  I still was kept saying that I couldn't take something that was special to her and she still insisted saying that she wanted it to be special to me...and it is!!

I look at it everyday and I think of her.  Sadly, I lost contact with her over the past couple of years (she isn't replying to the email I have for her and when I call her phone it is just a generic message that I don't think is her number anymore) - I hope all is okay with her, she was a great boss and mentor and I learned a lot from her.  She is also just a great person!

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